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    The Art of Networking

    build confidence and connections

    Meeting and greeting people at business events for many is a frightening concept. How do you let people know what you do and what you might offer them if you don’t get out and promote yourself? Networking is an essential business skill that can be learned. The more you network, the easier it gets. Your confidence will grow and after time, the fear doesn’t stop you. If you want your people to network better, get over their fears of talking to people and be effective at Networking, this presentation will make a HUGE difference.

    How to Build a Support Network

    the greatness principle

    When a leader or person is striving for success, they navigate many obstacles of which some will cause them to neglect or end supportive relationships. Depending on the challenge they may go into survival mode. Not knowing who's got their back, who to trust and also dealing with the overwhelm of life and business challenges can make it very difficult for people to feel supportive and make great decision. This presentation outlines how people can build support networks around them in their professional/work life as well in their personal lives so they get more balance, better results and a lot more happiness. For more visit www.greatnessprinciple.com

    The Confident Woman

    how to be one and grow others

    The top 5 strategies woman can use to be successful – anywhere, anytime. Life has many challenges and twists in front of all of us, especially women. So how does the everyday women in business become and stay a confident woman? With the twists of life and challenges with career, motherhood, caring for family (young and old), single mother challenges as well as career driven obstacles, Jen talks about it all, including MONEY!.

    This presentation shows women how to be successful in any situation in any circumstance without having to be a man and compromise, who they truly are and to love their life and love the men around them.

    Networking for Success

    teaching year 9, 10, 11 & 12 Year students

    Kids need to know how to network well before they get into the workforce. Jen has been speaking for High Schools now for the last 8 years teaching the basics of networking. How to shake hands, how to listen even when its boring, how to move in and out of groups, how to juggle food, how to ask questions that create conversation. Understanding how to talk to older people and what they need to see, hear or feel to recognise you are listening to them. Jen delivers this in a fun, energetic way that causes the kids to pay attention and learn as well as laugh. This workshop can also be added on to a facilitated session with past high school graduates and alumni to show the kids a real networking event as well as giving the school an opportunity to showcase the school to the community.

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  • The Vision Board Program (in 4 hours or less)

    Its time to get clear about the goals and the actions to make it real.

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    Industry Thought Leaders, clients, peers and professionals told shared ...

    Clare Fountain

    I have worked with Jen as a co-presenter, hired her as a business coach, attended her training workshops, worked with her clients and value her as a close friend. What makes it possible to work with someone on all these levels is her trust and integrity. Jen is someone you can trust to do what she says she will do. She regularly exceeds expectations and makes working with her fun. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and is combined with years of experience and a passion for knowledge. If you want to have someone either on your team or to support you and your team I recommend that you use Jen – you will be blown away by the results that she supports you to achieve.

    Iggy Pintado

    Author, Connection Specialist

    I’ve found Jen to be one of the most prolific and practical thought leaders I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is in that rare category of business advisers who can explain and express business concepts while possessing the gift of developing practical and implementable programs to make them happen, to achieve results and desired outcomes. Jen continues to inspire others through her messages, her programs and her personality. She is a motivating communicator, value creator and most importantly, A true business champion.

    Craig Potter

    Business Coach & Advisor

    Jen Harwood is at the forefront of speaking and coaching and inspiring others to be their best. I had the privilege of working alongside Jen and witnessing her leadership and passion for creating lasting change with her clients and those she comes into contact with. There are zappers and sappers in life and in business and Jen Harwood is a zapper - someone who makes you confront if you are truly up for the fight and bringing the required energy and positive attitude to the table to make it happen. If you want to make stuff happen in your business, I'd recommend you start with someone like Jen Harwood who has the congruency, the tools and the desire to get it done.

    Dean Adams

    Business Development Manager

    Jen is simply amazing! Through various businesses we meet up on a monthly basis and on each occasion her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I always walk away with a renewed outlook and a determination to change my 'old' ways. Her common sense approach and straight to the point attitude is one that I would recommend to any company that is need of business coaching or just some sales inspiration.

    Gail Cameliant

    Office Manager

    Jen is a force to be reckoned with as a motivational speaker. No one walks out of a room when Jen speaks, without feeling inspired to grow their business, or with the knowledge on how they can improve what they are already doing. Jen is so organized, and because of this she is able to instill a feeling of complete confidence in her abilities. Jen is a great person to work with and always has time for other staff members.The word Jenerator fits Jen to a tee, and I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Karen Anderson

    Jen Harwood is my favourite business speaker. Her approach is easy to implement and practical. She has a relaxed, friendly style and engages with her audience. At the same time, her depth of knowledge is outstanding. No matter how much I know about a topic, I always learn something new from Jen.

    Matt Church

    Jen is an inspiration! As a speaker, thinker and advisor she is world class. I think her tenacity, gumption and personal life story all point to her being someone quite special. I highly recommend Jen to anyone wanting to grow their business or transform their life!

    Peter Barber

    Ka-Huna Massage Therapist

    Jen motivates from the heart and mind with a balance, passion and integrity that is highly infectious. You know she knows!

    Nina Hoven

    Executive PA

    Hi Jen, I heard you speak at EAN Congress in Sydney. One thing you said resonated with me..."get your act together" (when you were talking about finances, being effective at work/life, not worrying all the time about money)...so thank you! I have done just that! I feel free already...


  • Jen's Blog and Business Hacks

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    Confidence,Business Cards,Networking,Safety,Small Talk
    Whoo hoo, it’ s the end of another year and it’ s time to celebrate. There will be end of year lunches, breakfasts, cocktail events and parties. This is a perfect time to build relationships and create connections with existing and new contacts. There are 5 tips to remember to ensure you create a...
    sales,Networking,Small Talk,Leads,trust
    How do you convert casual conversations with total strangers into new business? This article will look at the five types of people you will meet at networking events and suggest how to connect, build credibility and convert conversations into business. They are: Leads – people who are in your...
    Confidence,Networking,Business,Small Talk,Body Language
    Moving around at a networking event can be daunting for many people. The courage to show up, walk in, grab a refreshment and talk to someone is a major achievement! The next challenge occurs when you find yourself in a corner surrounded by people, in a boring conversation, or a person is clinging...
    Business,Confidence,Networking,Planning,Small Talk
    Your diary is full of meetings and activities and tonight you are going to another ‘networking event’. You used to enjoy these when they were new to you, however you’re not too keen to go to this one, as it’s already been a big few weeks and the last thing you want to do is be asked…“So, what do...
    Business,Shy,Networking,Small Talk,Confidence
    Wherever you network, both formally at business events and informally at social and relaxed environments, there are always several people at the event that are very confident, loud and chatty. They seem to move effortlessly around talking and laughing with everyone like a happy butterfly and for...
    Having coached thousands of business owners and leaders in the last 2 decades, I’ve come to learn the most important person that impacts the success of a business owner is their wife! Theres a lot more to the cute little saying that men joke about… “A happy life is a happy wife”. In my experience...
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  • Wall of Pride

    Jen is very proud of her family and special projects.

    The Happy Hair Brush

    makes brushing easy

    Jen and her sister Kate have created the Happy Hair Brush to help people brushing long hair (kids, teenage girls and adults) so there are no more tangles, screams or tears. Its more of a community service than it is a business because Kate and Jen love that they are changing people's lives with a simple thing such as a hair brush. Check it out. www.happyhairbrush.com.au

    Living with Cancer

    Cath harwood

    Jen's mum Cath lived with cancer for almost 7 years and she created the Bendigo Cancer Support Group with her husband Bob which brought the community together and created a safe space and hope for people dealing with cancer.

    Cancer changed our life

    Bob harwood

    Bob has lived through his wife getting cancer and started to supporting men who have never cared for anyone. Bob is a Living Book so you can ask him questions and he'll tell stories that help others.

    Power Girl

    ANABELLE harwood

    Anabelle Harwood is powering in 2016, 2017 and beyond.

    Picture: GLENN DANIELS for Bendigo Advertiser.

    The latest news here:


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