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The Wife Factor

The business is only as good as the partnership

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Having coached thousands of business owners and leaders in the last 2 decades, I’ve come to learn the most important person that impacts the success of a business owner is their wife!

Theres a lot more to the cute little saying that men joke about… “A happy life is a happy wife”. In my experience of coaching men in business, The Wife Factor is the barometer of how the man is travelling in business and life in general. Its the test of whether he will lead well or not. Over the years, I’ve worked with business men and ‘unofficially’ their wife to ensure that he achieves his goals in business and allow his family and life to experience him as a calm, safe, happy, loving and present man. The work I do is primarily focussed on the business with HIM - on sales, profit, bottom line, return on investment, leverage, people management etc. Thats a big part of my work.

However, the unspoken and non-promoted part of my working with the male business owner (up until now) is to ensure they are being the type of man they want to be in all areas of their life as well as working a little with his wife/partner to understand what she needs, what she wants and give her a voice again.

She'll probably want her husband/partner to stop being so exhausted & tired from working. She will want him to stop being so disconnected from her and the family and for them both to actually enjoy their life again. She will also want the business to be in its place of his priorities, just not first place. I work with them both to look at the whole picture of their business, life and family, how the business fits into that and how you both are going to work together moving forward.

Wouldn’t it be great if… when choosing a business coach, your coach could actually incorporate the Wife Factor into the mix. To make sure that as the business grows - makes more profit and improves your lifestyle? Wouldn't it be fantastic that as the business grows, that the wife and family come a long for the ride and don’t get left behind, forgotten or ignored by him? What if we could show him how he could lead his business AND enjoy his life, family and wife without all the stress and hassle of work? If you want to find out how this is possible, come talk to me. You can do that here: