Motivational Speaker
Jen is an inspiring avalanche of energy and enthusiasm. She shares real stories, practical strategies and gets your audience ready to take action.
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Best Selling Author

Author and Content Contributor. Jens's material is original, it grabs the reader, is simple to understand and sets you on a path for greatness.

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Business Coach
Jen's worked personally with 1100 business leaders to achieve great success in their business, careers and families. She is the champion of Greatness !
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Latest Posts

Sales Training for Beginners Apr 19 2017

The Mexican Stand Off - Business & Parenting Feb 15 2016

I participated in a Mexican stand off in the street the other day. Picture a little sweet girl.... 4 and a half years old... hands on hips, angry face and then suddenly a big foot stomp and ear bursting scream of...."I'm not coming Mummy and you can't make me!!!"   Read More

Pure Joy – its an inside thing ! Nov 19 2015

One of my focuses for this coming year of 2016, starting a few weeks ago was to be Joyful Jen. Now most of you know I’m a very optimistic and positive person on the whole. However, the distinction I made between happiness and joy is that happiness is something that occurs to us or around us and we feel happy. Joy is when things align within, mostly when we stop and appreciate the moment and we feel an overwhelming love and appreciation of life and the universe. To me that is Joy - its an inside thing. Read More

What People Say

I have worked with Jen as a co-presenter, hired her as a business coach, attended her training workshops, worked with her clients and value her as a close friend. What makes it possible to work with someone on all these levels is her trust and integrity. Jen is someone you can trust to do what she says she will do. She regularly exceeds expectations and makes working with her fun. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and is combined with years of experience and a passion for knowledge. If you want to have someone either on your team or to support you and your team I recommend that you use Jen – you will be blown away by the results that she supports you to achieve.

Clare Fountain

Clients Jen has worked with include:

  • CGU
  • Endota
  • REI
  • First National
  • She Business
  • NECA
  • Rotary
  • AusPost
  • AWN
  • BOQ
  • Chemtura
  • Lions
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Telstra
  • Westpac


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