The Greatness Principle

In a world that is so fast, technologically advanced and super organised, many people feel disconnected and not supported. The pressure of working hard, keeping up with life’s demands and challenges means that building supporting relationships other than their prime relationship goes on the back burner. If we only needed one great man or woman behind us, life would work. Pity life doesn’t work that way. Check out this short clip about How to Build Support that Jen did for The Wesley Mission. 

  • What if there was a simple way of thinking that could turn a person's life around?
  • What if people could support each other, focus on working together and being inspired about being connected?
  • What if it could take only a few minutes to learn and apply?
  • What if people could use a simple tool to organise their relationships and start changing their lives and their results?

The Greatness Principle has been invented by Jen Harwood, who developed and applied this principle to the small business sector to: move businesses out of bankruptcy to profitability, for the business owners and their managers to avoid divorce and for their children to thrive instead of just survive at school. The Greatness Principle is a simple tool for individuals, families, businesses and community groups to increase connectedness, participation and create outstanding results.


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Jen’s workshop was designed to reinvent and refocus our sales and operational teams on the difficult path ahead in a very positive way. Jen was able to lead the groups through this with new ideas and a structure that had everyone excited about the future. The theme of “doing things differently’ has become a bit of a catch cry for the teams and already we have seen fantastic results. From a personal point of view, I really enjoyed working with Jen through the detailed planning and the day itself.
Steve Tinker, Area Sales Manager, Telstra Country Wide

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