Network like a PRO

Meeting and greeting people at business events for many is a frightening concept. How do you let people know what you do and what you might offer them if you don’t get out and promote yourself? Networking is an essential business skill that can be learned. The more you network, the easier it gets. Your confidence will grow and after time, the fear doesn’t stop you.

If you want your people to network better, get over their fears of talking to people and be effective at Networking, this presentation will make a HUGE difference. 

Your audience will learn... How to skilfully 'work the room'.....Strategies on breaking into and departing groups at events....How to remember people's names...How to start, change and end conversations smoothly and without being rude or pushy...How to handle drinks, food, business cards and handshakes in the first few seconds... how to make good eye contact without being weird... how to refer and promote others and how to have them refer and promote to build your personal brand and so much more....

This presentation will have your audiences laughing, cheering and more importantly confident to promote themselves and their business. Audiences will walk away feeling entertained, inspired and wanting to introduce themselves to a stranger!

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“Network like a PRO” was the best one-hour presentation on networking I have experienced in 20 years. Succinct, focused and, above all, practical, it gave us step-by-step processes to follow and heaps of reassurance. I was so energised I secured five good new leads in the following half hour.”
Gwen Potter, TekMedia – Journalist

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