Business Fundamentals – Vision, Mission, Values Team Session

Business Fundamentals

One Day – Vision, Mission, Values & Goals Workshop

The fundamentals of business are simple. Know where you are going, set the milestones to get there, know what you have to do each day or every client transaction and then know who you and all your people are going to ‘be’ when doing it. Then when you know all of that, DO IT !!! Jen has worked with hundreds of businesses in this area and while the theory may be simple, it is not easy to figure this out by yourself and try to lead your team to come to agreement either.

Over the last 10 years, Jen’s developed a very simple one day session (depending on how big your team is, could be only half a day) where you can get all of this sorted out – no kidding, it’s a promise. One day is all you need. Jen’s done this with small businesses, professional practices, manufacturers, local government, charities, not-for-profits, and corporate teams. She can do that for you and your team too. You don’t need to take the whole team away for 3 days at a rural retreat to inspire great visions and goals. Jen can create the right environment for all stakeholders at your premises or nearby to feel free to contribute and create an emotional connection to an awesome vision.

If you do want to do the 3 day team building experience, then Jen’s great to get involved in the program as she will tie her content into the team building activities before and after her session to keep the flow and context.

Have Jen deliver this workshop for a 1/2 Day or Full Day Workshop on this topic
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Jen is an amazing person with expert knowledge of what’s needed to drive both businesses and personal careers for success. She has the tools necessary to help both teams and individuals to develop clear goals and plans to meet those goals, and the personality to inspire action. Working with Jen is an absolute pleasure that is sure to deliver positive experiences and growth.
Liz Grant, Project Director, Innovation, Australia Post

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